If Web 2.0 Can capture data, process it and turn it into a raging river, then when does the fishing begin.

If a social media river encapsulates our peer learning group, our collaborative experiments or professional networks covering our personal lives, our communities and ultimately then our world, then we only need to take a quick look at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and MySpace to know fishing is flourishing and fruitful.

So how did social go from being real face to face inter-action to a cyber world of picture and posts, and how did the people we forget to talk with for the past 20 years get to me in our here and now. Should we be grateful of the opportunity to catch up again after so long, or should we hope the past stayed in the past?

I must admit to being  torn because I have seen both recently and its a bitter-sweet pill, and even though I enjoy fishing I don’t like to eat the fish





I understand that self-disclosure comes in the form of both unconscious and conscious revealing of ourselves, through our feelings, thought, successes, aspirations, fears, dreams and the ever elusive goals, combined that that with our dislike and likes and we have disclosed ourselves.

What are we happy to disclose openly, and what do we say that we dont realise we are disclosing??? when we meet someone new, everything we say about ourselves is a disclosure that is built upon and developed into a relationship with that person. When do we know we are disclosing our selves and when do we thin k we are just chatting???

If we are not careful, when do we know where to draw the line in a cyber world.



How funny timing can be, I was sitting updating my blog, and up pops my facebook with a blast from the past, back to college days. In made me think about how accessible we are from the second we push that JOIN button. People from the past that we haven’t heard from in 20 years seem to be able to connect with us, through our other friends, even if we have changed our surnames along the way.

I must admit its nice to be able to smile over the past and wonde of the things that may have been, but also disturbing at how easily we can be found. May be that JOIN button should also come with a LOST and FOUND button, that easily allows us to at any time decide be LOST just as easily as we can be FOUND.


So if my ‘identity’ is my unique label or screen name that notes only me as that individual, and I have an identity all of my own to be animate or inanimate that needs to be managed, like the codes I am know as for my payroll identity, a code in numerals, to distinguish me from others, then maybe I am different. To make me different a unique identity is assigned to me so I can be monitored, controlled and watched but I can enter and exit more freely (strange how that doesnt seem so free, when you can be clocked and recorded, by every move). I wonder do they check how long I was in the toilet or away from my desk. Gives another perspective to Big Brother is watching us all, on a global scale.


So if my understanding is correct, then my digital shadow is the digital inforamtion that is generated about me, that is greater than the amount I can create myself.

If my digital shadow is ongoing from the ever growing digital world in which I live, that is fed by the explosive world if digital cameras, social networks and cameras, then where do I begin and where does my digital shadow end???????

Can we in todays world ever be sure of what is our Digital Shadow or our Real Shadow??

I can look behind me and see my shadow in the light of day, and although it doesnt really look like me, I know its real, and yet when I think about my Digital Shadow I wonder about the shadow, and  I wonder if its really me, or just a shadow or the trail I leave behind??????

So what is real and what is shadow

Cheers Tracy


Well if my DIGITAL FOOTPRINT is the trail I leave behind in a digital environment, then I must have big feet. Every day I would use my mobile phone, the internet and WWW, most days a little bit of TV and mark my place on all sorts of digital sensors and devices at work.

So then if in a world of social media, why does the size of my digital footprint, being the size of my individual online presence seem so hard to work out. I can type away and chat on emails at work, and yet the amount of people I interact with digitally do not show on my blog. It makes me wonder if for all of us its real or one the few that spend the extra time in a social environment chatting through the different Web 2.0 tools.

Then does that make my footprint actually quite small? Does it make me less worthwhile? Or is it simply the way of the future and I need to keep up?

Id be interested in your thoughts, so why not comment.




A Peer-to-Peer content sharing network is each person or computer being in a network that is part of a server that is free to share its own resources.Each computer that is connected may share the network so that all other computers may access it.

Some disadvantages are:
•not being centralised, making administration difficult
•lack of control security
•no link in the network
Some advantages are:
•reduced cost in networking hardware, cabling and maintenance and well tested simplicity
•Computers are located in the user’s office
•User has their own administrator and sets his own security

In my time P2P, was not heard of, so what does P2P mean today?? It means we have abbreviated another term, we have added to the future dictionary, and we have open a world of peer to peer, or should it be person to person contact.
Just my thoughts of course